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Lucy Baum Photography | Photography for BusinessLucy Baum PhotographyPhotography for Business


Lucy Baum Photography | Photography for BusinessLucy Baum PhotographyPhotography for Business You are a creative entrepreneur with a highly visual product or service: Jewellery. Art. Clothing. Bath and Beauty Products. Handmade Products. Lifestyle coaching. Nourishing food products.


You create and offer things of value and want to

share them with the world. 


And you want to exchange that value for money, allowing you to sustain your business, your family, and your life. But if the photos on your website aren't appealing, your products or services won't sell very well. Beautiful things need to be beautifully presented, and make people want to have it. They must have it. That unique pendant. The handcrafted luxurious soap. A showpiece artwork for their wall. They also want to know who you are, and trust you to give them a wonderful experience. They want to connect with the person behind the product, so it's important that you are seen on your marketing materials.


When people make buying decisions online,

photography matters.


The goal is to have photographs that truly represent your products/ services and show them in a way that makes people want to buy. In a highly competitive space of creative small business, your work must stand out. You may make beautiful jewellery, but people buy the photo of that jewellery, at least initially, when they order online. The photo sells the product. If your photography has bad lighting, cluttered backgrounds, is blurry, or poorly represented, the product will seem less desirable and people will move on. Online success depends significantly on your ability to portray your products as showpieces on your website, blog, Facebook and in print.


Your energy also matters.


Do you know what kind of energy you hold around your business? Is it a positive vibe, or are you constantly stressed out, or wondering how to better engage your audience? Or, you feel you've hit a brick wall and just don't know how to break through your barriers. Read on for the opportunity to examine that energy and help create a shift for professional growth.


I can help!

With over 15 years experience in the marketing and business industries, and a professional photographer, I know how important both marketing and photography are to your business. In an artistic field, photography becomes even more crucial, as people rely on that visual experience to make that decision to buy. Although I recommend that any small business owner invest in a base of professional photography at the outset, the reality is, you can't have a photographer around after every product you produce! The key is to improve your own skills.


Lucy Baum Photography | Photography for BusinessLucy Baum PhotographyPhotography for Business


"Lucy's down to earth approach to teaching has made me motivated to try out the techniques we used in today's workshop. She is so fun and approachable. Thanks Lucy!"  

~ Tina


What this workshop offers:

  • An interactive presentation on taking photos for your business
  • An intuitive Angel Card reading surrounding your energy, business and life purpose, by Angel Friend Monica
  • A photo session for a business portrait, licensed for use online and print
  • An opportunity to network with other small business owners/ creative entrepreneurs



You don't need a fancy camera to take this course!


Lucy Baum Montreal Wedding and Family Photography | Photography for BusinessLucy Baum Montreal Wedding and Family PhotographyPhotography for Business


And you don't need a lot of technical skill! The workshop covers many non-technical strategies, which are often ignored but arguably more important! I promise you will leave with a new approach to your photography, and a ton of ideas, even if your camera stays on "Auto"!


The content you can expect in the presentation:


  • Creating a signature photographic style
  • Cultivating a consistent photographic approach across all your social media platforms: Website, blog, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter
  • Creating a personal image bank
  • Lighting principles, and natural versus artificial lighting
  • The importance of photographs that support your business - reflecting you and your personality, your space, your personal story
  • Photo techniques for products: Show your products at their absolute best!
  • Common photography pitfalls when it comes to business


Where and when?


  • Sunday, May 3rd, 2015
  • Angel Friend Monica's Studio at 20255 Maple Road R.R.2, South Glengarry, Ontario K0C 2J0
  • Snacks and Refreshments will be served
  • 8 spaces available
  • All details available by clicking Register Now


Lucy Baum Photography | Photography for BusinessLucy Baum PhotographyPhotography for Business



Lucy Baum Photography | Photography for BusinessLucy Baum PhotographyPhotography for Business


Q: How can this workshop improve my business?

A: When people shop online, they buy the photo first. That photo must show the product in its truest form, and encourage the buyer to buy with you above any other. This workshop covers how to optimize your product/ service photography, without requiring a ton of technical camera skill. Attention to detail, lighting, and backgrounds, and photographing with purpose, are key concepts that can instantly improve your photo skills.


Q: Why do I need a professional business portrait?

A: Using an impersonal medium such as the Internet, people seek to connect on a personal level. They do this through your portrait, and photos that show you in your work environment. Yours is the face of your business, and it's the best way to build trust with clients. Your tribe will return again and again.



Q: What is an Angel Card reading for business, and how will it help me professionally? I thought card readings were for personal journeys.

A: As a creative entrepreneur, one can argue that your business cannot be separated from who you are! A reading can help you identify and overcome a professional challenge, can lead you to an aha! moment, and provide some clarity about your professional direction.


Q: I don't offer products, but I sell a service: Consulting, coaching, holistic services (massage, Reiki), specialty food retailer or a boutique business. Can this course help me?

A: Yes! Even if you don't have a physical product, images will help to sell your services. Think beautiful candles to represent a relaxing massage, and photos of the space where you work. For service-based business, photos demonstrate the feeling you would like to have your clients to have when deciding to purchase services, and help make your online presence welcoming and familiar.


Lucy Baum Photography | Photography for BusinessLucy Baum PhotographyPhotography for Business

{Receive professional guidance from your angels}


Well I, for one, wouldn't want to attend a workshop that doesn't have some extra goodies - don't you agree? It's about filling our cup and celebrating success as women in business. So, each workshop participant will also receive:

  • A gemstone personally selected by Angel Friend Monica
  • An essential oil sample
  • A chance to win an angel wing pendant
  • A special offer for a starter business photography package to kickstart your photography journey, with one client winning a package!
  • Access to the Clic, C'est Chic private Facebook page, for ongoing tips and tricks about photography, to share photos for critique and to keep in touch! 


Lucy Baum Photography | Photography for BusinessLucy Baum PhotographyPhotography for Business



Photography for Business - Lucy Baum PhotographerLucy Baum PhotographyPhotography for Business - Lucy Baum Photographer

About Lucy and Monica

With a degree in Psychology and over 15 years experience in marketing and business, I followed my passion later in life to become a professional photographer. 
I'm motivated by capturing the essence and emotion of people and their connections. I nurture my own creative business with heart, and I love helping others do the same.
After so many clients asked me questions about improving their own photography skills, I founded Clic, C'est Chic Photography workshops for women. And since I can't seem to turn off my marketing and business consulting side, I've applied this naturally to photography for creative businesses. I can't wait to meet and work with you!
Lucy Baum Photography | Photography for Business | Angel Friend MonicaLucy Baum PhotographyPhotography for Business | Angel Friend Monica
Monica has been studying traditional healing remedies from around the globe since she was young and has since melded her natural gifts of intuition with these learned modalities creating a unique healing experience for all of her clients.

Monica is a Workshop Facilitator, an artist, Integrated Energy Therapist and Reiki Master Teacher. She combines creative self-expression with interest in symbols, colour and Jungian psychology to create programs designed to heighten awareness, inspire personal insight and improve the life force of her clients.

With the assistance of art, colour, symbols, meditation, kindness and laughter, Monica can show you how to gain access to the healing coloured light within yourself.

We'd be really happy to meet you!
It's not always easy to invest in ourselves, and those business dollars are valuable! But think about how photography can improve your customer's experience, and help to translate that into increased sales. Not only will you receive a free business portrait for use online and in your marketing materials, you will also be armed with many strategies to improve your photo-taking skills. No more point and shoot. Photos with purpose, crafted carefully with your brand message, to support sales and build your tribe, and with an infusion of new and positive energy!