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{ Investment FAQ }


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{ Weddings }

How far ahead do I need to make a booking?  Three to six months in advance is preferred, at least. When time runs short your special date cannot be guaranteed! A 20% initial deposit secures your day on my calendar.

What goes into pricing? Pricing depends on the details of your wedding day. Are you getting married at City Hall with a small lunch reception for 10? You probably need one photographer for a half day. Are you at the Windsor Hotel with 200 guests dancing until the wee hours of the morning? You probably need two photographers to capture all the special moments of your large group. If you send me these kinds of details via email on my contact page, I am happy to send you a more detailed (and no obligation) price quote. 

What about cancellation policies and payment details? Don't worry - you never sign anything or give any money before you understand all of these things. If you're interested in booking with me, then we sit down together and review all contract details. Contract considerations can also depend on the details of your day. Just remember one thing - contracts aren't scary. They help protect everyone in this significant investment, and help us all understand who is responsible for what and when. 

What can I expect from you on the day of the wedding? Before the big day, we will have already chatted about how the day will unfold. Ideally we will have worked together to ensure that we get the photos you want with enough time between preparations, ceremony and reception. Your job on that day is to have the best day of your life. My job is to capture that. There will be moments where I will be quietly taking pictures, without interference. Other times I will give you some direction (like kiss your true love - tough, I know!) and likely ask the maid of honor or best man to help me gather the right people at the right time for group portraits. The point of the day is to make you feel like royalty - and it's all about having fun!

Wedding photography is a sizeable investment. Is it worth it? There is much discussion and personal opinion on this subject,  but in the end, it is you who must decide the worth. Let me share a few things that can impact your decision. Your wedding day is one of the most important days of your life. You plan for it for a long time, and spend significant dollars on venue, dress, flowers, dinner, cake. Do you really want to risk having a family member or friend record this tremendous day, with no guarantee that the photos will be to your liking (or even well-taken?) A wedding photographer knows the big moments to cover, and the important elements to photograph. We are working that day, for you. We listen to you to capture the images you want. Having photos from guests is priceless because they are having a great time and catching some great stuff, but relying on that as your only source of images can result in disappointment (after you have a hundred shots of Uncle Joe dancing and none of the cake). Long after the food is eaten and the dress is packed away, your professional photos will be an everlasting memory of that day for generations to come. 

How can I be sure that you're the right photographer for me to invest with? You can try asking the magic 8 ball, but otherwise, you don't. Not initially anyways. First, you can get a sense of who I am from my About page and reviewing the style of my work. If you like what you see, drop me a line with questions or to request a quote. If you're ready to move ahead after that, we can meet in person. We'll get to know each other and discuss all of your questions or concerns. At that stage, I think you may be ready to make a decision! If it's me, I'll be super-excited!


{ Family/ Lifestyle }

How far ahead do I need to make a booking?  These shoots usually last between 1 - 2 hours so timing can be quite flexible. We may be able to book even on a week's notice, given my availability on your preferred day.

What goes into pricing? Prices include any initial consultation, the shoot itself, and then you choose a digital or print package, or a combination. Factors that can change the price after session and package fees are extra travel charges (i.e. outside of Montreal) or special requests (such as a longer shoot time, a large group of people etc).

Is there a contract for these photo sessions? Yes. A contract that covers important things like payment terms, cancellation, and copyright details is sent to you, conveniently via email. You may review at your leisure, and simply submit with an electronic signature.

I hope this section helps you with your decision-making, as selecting a photographer can sometimes be a daunting task.