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Empowering photography workshops for women.



Course Add Ons


How it works

Glamming up a Clic, c'est Chic! party is easy. Set up a photo booth! At the end of the workshop when everyone is feeling relaxed and having fun, guests can take turns posing for the camera, giving their best glam face or being silly! Each guest will have an opportunity to have a beauty portrait taken, and a group photo. Beyond that, for about 15 minutes, the booth is yours!


The cost of having a photobooth service is $60. The fee includes the group portrait (delivered digitally in print and web ready formats) for every guest, free!

Photos and additional products

The photo prices from the photo booth session are as follows. You have the opportunity to purchase the photos immediately with your instructor (cash or cheque). The photos will be provided in digital formats within 3-7 days (if payment via cheque, once payment clears)

~ Web and print-ready individual portait (delivered digitally) - $10

~ Package of all* web-ready candid photo booth photos (delivered digitally) - $35

~ Bundle items above for $40



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* Finals as deemed by the photographer.