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Empowering photography workshops for women.




There are many topics to choose from, and that makes it easy to host more than one party! Although some hostess gifts may be limited to the first workshop or offered only once annually, you will always receive your sweet treat, and of course you will be learning! C'mon, do the girls really need an excuse to get together?


Camera I {start the creative flow}  The settings on your camera explained, and basic composition techniques that help to make photos beautiful!

Camera II {deepen the creative flow}  Building on the concepts in Camera I, this workshop covers more advanced composition techniques, as well as other creative concepts.

Photographing Children I – Covering basic composition techniques, developing your creative eye, and looking for light

Photographing Children II – Building on the concepts covered in Photographing Children I, this workshop covers engaging children, making versus taking images, creative concepts and conquering common problems.

Personal/ Creative

Developing your creative eye  Techniques for self-expression through photography, making images versus taking images, and techniques to promote creative ideas.

The Photographic soul  The Photographic soul: Gaining a deeper understanding of self and spirituality, and healing using photography.

Small/ Creative Business

Photos for Business – Although in many cases it’s ideal to have professional photography for your small/ creative business products and services, it’s not always affordable to hire someone for ongoing photos (i.e. new products). This course covers the basics for creating strong images on your own.

Marketing and Photography – This workshop covers the use of imagery as part of your marketing strategy. We will discuss using imagery for social media, promotional materials and other marketing opportunities. We will also cover business photography by professionals and licensing images for business use. 


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