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In-home Photography Parties

Clic, c’est chic! in-home photography workshop parties are a fun and relaxing way to learn about photography while spending some much-needed and quality time with your favourite gals. 

Get your friends together, sip some vino or indulge in coffee and pastries as you talk, laugh, and learn some great ways to improve your photography skills! The concept works like many other in-home parties, but instead of buying jewelry, gourmet goodies or kitchen gadgets, you have a great new way to learn!

You may simply want to take better pictures of your kids and family. Or you would like to explore photography as a hobby, that has many wellness components. Maybe you'd like to eventually become a photographer. Or, just to hang out with the girls and have a break!

With terrific hostess gifts, clic c’est chic lets you learn while surrounded by friends, in the comfort of your home.

There's also a "Bring the Boys" option. Get your man and two other couples together, and make it a night!

If you're not into a home-based party, clic, c'est chic! also offers some community courses. Click here for more info. 


Being a hostess


~ Offer a space in your home that can accommodate your guests

~ Select a Course 

~ Invite your guests using the clic, c’est chic! custom invitations

~ Purchase the course (and recoup costs from guests) and select a date

~ Offer some snacks/ drinks or invite guests to bring a little something



Hostess gifts

~ 30% of the full workshop price (excluding add-ons) will be credited towards any photography service for up to 3 workshops in the same year!* 

~ A decadent treat (could vary based on availability)

~ A Clic, c’est chic! flash drive - so your photos are both stylish and portable! (1st hosted workshop only)


Workshop Fees

Fees are $30 per workshop guest, to a maximum of 6 guests per party, including the hostess. 

Payment must be cleared prior to the workshop date. Clic, c’est chic! unfortunately cannot provide any refunds for cancelled guests. Full terms and conditions must be signed upon booking.


Anatomy of a Party**

~ Arrival and introductions – 15 min

~ Workshop teaching – 1 hr

~ Discussion, Q&A – 30 min

~ Wrap up  15 min

Course materials provided with paper/ pens. You don't need to bring a thing, although you may want to bring your camera!


Book a Party!



Please provide your course selection. We'll get some invites to you for your guests, confirm date and time, and arrange payment. And then, it’s time to party, clic, c’est chic! style! 

*Capped after three workshops within the same year, must be used by the end of December the following year or will be forfeit. Cannot be combined with any other credits or workshops year over year. Full details outlined in the terms and conditions that are sent upon booking. 

**If you've chosen a photo booth add-on service, photos and orders will be taken after the discussion/q&a period and will take approximately 30-40 minutes.