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Lucy Baum Montreal Wedding and Family Photography | Custom made art books from your children's artLucy Baum Montreal Wedding and Family PhotographyCustom made art books from your children's art Introducing {the bunny project}. Have your child's artwork professionally photographed and designed as an art book!



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Does the photo to the right look familiar? How much artwork does your child (or children) create, between home and school?

With a custom art book, there are no more piles of art stuffed in drawers or boxes with the threat of being damaged or forgotten. Honour your child's creativity by having a professional art book created as a lasting memory of their imagination and their unique way of looking at the world at a particular time of their lives. It's a way to preserve their art in a compact and beautiful item, perfect for a coffee table, or tucked neatly away on a bookshelf. Create one for each child, or one book that celebrates the art of multiple children. Have one done each year or every few years, and you can keep it as a legacy to pass on to your children when they are grown, as a tender memory of their childhood. You can create custom bunny books for grandparents as a unique and personal gift, or even for already grown children whose art you still have stored somewhere in a dusty box. They will undoubtedly cherish this wonderful keepsake!

Lucy Baum Montreal Family Photographer | Children I first conceived of the bunny project a few years ago when my daughter was painting. I loved this awkward and strange looking bunny (featured right), and pulled out my camera. Lucky I did, because soon after my daughter decided to paint over the bunny and it was gone forever. It dawned on me that I should photograph her art and preserve it somehow. The bunny project was born!

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