Lucy Baum Photography | Travels in Europe: Doors, Windows and other Gateways Part II

Travels in Europe: Doors, Windows and other Gateways Part II

Doors, windows and other gateways in EuropeDoors, windows and other gateways in Europe


My family and I recently returned from a 4-week adventure in Europe. In that time-frame, we visited 7 cities in 3 countries - Poland, Denmark, and Sweden.

This is part 2 of a 2-part series. Find part 1 here. I continue to explore weird, wonderful and quirky doors, windows and other gateways. 

As I'm writing, I'm getting strong feelings of missing the sense of adventure of this trip. So many places left unexplored.







15. Elin Sundberg's House. On the West Coast of Gothenberg, on the beautiful island of Tjorn, is the Amityville Horror House's close cousin. More on this place in a later post (much more!), but this was the front entrance. The house is in poor condition on the outside, but strangely, the grounds are well-kept. It caught my eye because all of the other homes in this area are classic red, pretty, Swedish cottages. Down the road from my husband's uncle and aunt's cottage, I headed down in the early evening to check it out. Elin Sundberg seems to have been someone born to a well-to-do family in the late 1800's and after her death, asked to have her home created as a museum. We couldn't go in though, as it was only open during the week when we'd already be gone.

Elin Sundberg's Home, Tjorn, SwedenElin Sundberg's Home, Tjorn, Sweden


16.  Tjorn, Sweden. Although seemingly on a separate property, the shed that this door belongs to was adjacent to the Elin Sundberg house. Set back from the road in the forest and overgrown, it was crooked as crooked could be, the door propped with this metal pole. Do you think I opened it?

Tjorn, SwedenTjorn, Sweden


17. Junibacken, Stockholm, Sweden. Junibacken is a magical place - part museum, part children's playground, based on the stories and characters of Astrid Lindgren of Pippi Longstocking fame. I don't even have words for the amount of detail used to create whimsical rooms where kids (and grown-ups!) can explore, touch, feel, climb, play. I suppose if you misbehave (which might be really hard to do since kids can do and go just about anywhere here), you might end up here, at the door of the polisstation. Sadly, I did not walk through, because we were late for the story train!

Junibacken, Stockholm, SwedenJunibacken, Stockholm, Sweden


18. Gamla Stan, Stockholm, Sweden. In old town Stockholm. Not sure what the story of this armadillo-esque door is, other than it looked dangerous to approach, lest it sent its spikes through me. 

Gamla Stan, SwedenGamla Stan, Sweden


19. Gamla Stan, Sweden. A mama door with its baby door.

Gamla Stan, Stockholm, SwedenGamla Stan, Stockholm, Sweden


10. Vifarnaholme Island, Sweden. Otherwise known as Ideas Island, a private island off the coast of Stockholm, where we stayed on a creative retreat for one week. A tiny island, but extremely interesting. It offered something more each day, like peeling layers of an onion. This was the door to an old outhouse on the property. The inside is quite curious, stay tuned for that in another post!

Vifärnaholme Island, SwedenVifärnaholme Island, Sweden


21. Svartjo Palace, Sweden. No, this is not a hobbit house. This is what remains of an original castle from medieval days. Another castle had been rebuilt on this property, and the bricks from the original structure were taken to build the queen's castle in Stockholm. At one point, after it fell out of favour, it was used as a prison, and now it houses a bakery/cafe (!) Apparently their cakes are delicious, but again, closed when we were there. No matter, we had a delicious lunch at a nearby cafe, and then walked 4km back to Ideas Island.

Svartjo Palace, Svartjo, SwedenSvartjo Palace, Svartjo, Sweden


22. Faringso Island, Sweden. On said 4km walk back to Ideas Island from the Svartjo Palace, we encountered som pretty cool things - an actual women's prison where they farm dairy cows, wild raspberries on the side of the road, friendly horses, and interesting barn doors such as these.

Färingsö Island SwedenFäringsö Island Sweden


23. Faringso Island, Sweden. Another old farmhouse along our walk. I think it was mostly used for local events, and peeking into the window I saw a lot of odds and ends like the little vases in the window. Old doors and building, but note the modern camera in the top left corner. Even old buildings need protection, I guess.

Church of the Holy Ghost, Copenhagen, DenmarkChurch of the Holy Ghost


24. Faringso Island, Sweden. Almost at our dock, we explored a small marina, where we found this outhouse. Would you go there, if you had to go? I'm pretty sure I wouldn't. And I just noticed how funny that I have 2 outhouse photos in this post. Heck, whatever is interesting, right?

Faringso Island, Sweden.Faringso Island, Sweden.


25. Faringso Island, Sweden. This gate led to path that took you uphill to a mansion on the hilltop. Wasn't so pretty, kind of a bunker-like home, but a mansion nonetheless. Well kept house, badly kept gate. 'Iron'-ic (!)

Faringso Island, Sweden.Faringso Island, Sweden.


So there you have it! Although I poked around many other places and have many a story to tell, this is it for this series. Stay tuned for other parts of this amazing trip!


















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