Lucy Baum Photography | Would you hire a professional bridesmaid?

Would you hire a professional bridesmaid?

Lucy Baum Montreal Wedding and Family photography | | Would you hire a professional bridesmaid?Lucy Baum Montreal Wedding and Family photography | lucybaumphotographer.comWould you hire a professional bridesmaid?

Traditions shift, trends flow in and out. And weddings are no exception. You just have to google any number of search terms for wedding, and you'll get millions of hits. From planning and referral networks like Wedding Wire and The Knot, to Pinterest for inspiration boards, wedding planning has evolved into one of the largest industries on the planet. Yet, most of the aspects of weddings have remained the same - choosing a bridal party, bachelor and bachelorette parties, bridal showers, and on the day of - preparation, ceremony, family photos, reception. Until now, apparently.

One young, enterprising woman has turned being in a bridal party into a job. You can read the full article here. Given her success, it seems like her idea resonated with brides. They mention that stress of being in a bridal party can hurt friendships, which is where she could come in. Or to bypass having to make the difficult selection between friends. Or, to make sure you have someone dedicated by your side to ensure things run smoothly - and our besties, although they may love us, may just not do the trick. This entrepreneur is not only doing the duties of a bridesmaid, she also assists in the planning and runs her own workshops to help other bridesmaids perform at their best.

Some people say that the bridal party is for close family and friends who will stand up with you to celebrate a tremendous milestone in your life. Others say that the stress of a wedding can place strain on friendships and this person can alleviate that, and help to keep the event and the bride on track, when presumably this is her first (and only) go. Maybe more apt would be to call her a personal assistant disguised as part of the bridal party. What do you think? Hurting tradition or enterprising vision?


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