Lucy Baum Photography | WIN Halloween this year with the best pics of your little creepies

WIN Halloween this year with the best pics of your little creepies

Do you have little ghouls or goblins lurking in the corners of your home? Facebook will be flooded tomorrow night with photos. Use these tips to get cool photos, and win Halloween this year among all your social media peeps.


Win Halloween with these photo tipsWin Halloween with these photo tipsGet in close. Get in close. Presumably your kids are dressed from head to toe. But that photo, let's face it, is pretty typical. Unless the costume has some special embellishments below the knees, you don't have to shoot their feet. Opt for a closer-in shot that shows their eyes staring through the holes, or change your angle to shoot a little higher than chest-height so you get most of the costume but with a focus on the most important part - their face!


Win Halloween with these photo tipsFulfill the costume's destinyWin Halloween with these photo tips

Fulfill the costume's destiny. If your little girl or guy is a super-hero, make them look like one! Shooting down at them from our chest-level makes them look like anything but a super-hero. Try getting down on your knees and shooting up at them. Better yet, have them strike a real super-hero pose or catch them in mid-air launching themselves onto a bed. Think about how best to 'demonstrate' the costume. Are they a werewolf? Get them on all fours, roaring at the camera, and you come down to their level and shoot straight on. Vampire? Crouch low on the floor and shoot while they hover menacingly over you. Zombie? Shoot them trying to get at you through a partly closed door, or pasted against a window, trying to get inside to eat you! Ok, maybe no horrifying things in your house - you have a princess. Have her give a twirl! Your kids were creative in thinking up their costume, so get creative with the camera too.


Win Halloween with these photo tipsWin Halloween with these photo tipsWin Halloween with these photo tips

Shoot a detail. Ok, you got the head to toe, for nostalgia's sake. Don't stop there! Shoot a crooked hat, a funny nose, a weird extra limb. As a series, the details will capture the spirit of that particular Halloween. Every time I see this photo of my daughter I remember the cute little thing she was. Trundling by my side, just a huge hat and an over-sized candy bag, she looked like something out of a Tim Burton movie!


Win Halloween with these photo tipsUse light from street lamps for eerie effectsWin Halloween with these photo tips


Avoid flash. As soon as it gets dark, the flashes come out. But a direct, on-camera flash gives a very flat light, killing those lovely shadows that give creepiness and dimension to costumes. Your subject is brightly lit but the light falls quickly into blackness, also losing that creepy ambiance of haunted houses and moody skies in the background. If your flash automatically pops up, try to turn it off. Instead, use a night setting or bump your ISO. Raising ISO will introduce noise, but in the case of Halloween, it's forgivable! Also take advantage of coloured lights in haunted houses, or street lamps. Bonus is that street lamps cast great, creepy shadows!



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