Lucy Baum Photography | An unexpected tip for taking great photographs of your kids

An unexpected tip for taking great photographs of your kids

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Take photographs with your heart, rather than your eyes.

We often run to grab the camera (or the smart phone) when we see our children doing something memorable - acting funny, dressing up, etc. Their behaviour acts as our cue. And there is absolutely nothing wrong with that - it's an open invitation that will have us laughing well into years to come.

But how about when they're not doing anything particularly memorable? Watching tv, playing quietly, reading, doing a puzzle. Those moments often possess something the others don't - the authenticity that lies below the "show". Those are the images that immediately strike a chord in your heart - a particular expression, a mannerism, or even a level of focus or concentration that gives you a glimpse into who they really are. You may experience these things on a daily basis, but they may not typically be the subject of a photograph. You don't even need to see their face - sometimes it's just the scene or activity as a whole. 

The photograph in this post was taken when we moved my husband's whiteboard to the main floor to see if we could find a spot for it. It was too big, so we left it leaning on a dresser until it went back into storage. It didn't take long to find a little artist, who quietly found the markers and started to draw. When I look at this picture, I feel the tender-hearted artistic quality about her that I love. Along with the position of her little feet and those soft little ringlets in her hair, this photo just melts my mommy-heart.

Next time there is quiet in your house (I know, it could signal trouble!), grab your camera. Observe your children in whatever they're doing without disturbing. I am positive you'll find some authentic moments that will tug at your heart; these little people that share your home and space. And then take that picture. 






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