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the bunny project }

bunny book is a wonderful and lasting way to create a professional and custom book of your children's art work! 

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Lucy Baum Montreal Family Photographer | ChildrenBunny booksCustom books made from your children's art - order yours today!

{ Order and payment information }

How do I order a bunny book and how do I pay?

Please send a request through my contact page. I'll provide a form to fill out for the customizable options and build a quote for your package. Once you provide your written approval of the quote via email, you'll be emailed an invoice via paypal where you have several payment options. Work will only begin once full payment has been received and cleared.

How long does it take to get my bunny book?

Bunny books are made with care to ensure your satisfaction with the quality of the images and the final product. The process will take about 4-6 weeks from receipt of the art. Depending on volume, I may not be able to take all orders right away. Please make sure to get your request in early for a special occasion. 

Which art will work best for a bunny book?

A bunny book is meant to preserve your child's imaginative art. For that reason, I ask that you send only original art, no colouring pages or other art work that contains elements not created by your child. Drawings, paintings, collages are all ok. Unfortunately, crafts and 3 dimensional art pieces cannot be accommodated.

Do you restore or alter the images?

No! This isn't my art, therefore there are no modifications made to the images. The images are professionally photographed, and gently balanced to bring out colours and smooth out paper imperfections. That said, you must expect that there may be creases and minor imperfections still apparent, but that is part of the character! Please see the example in the general FAQ below to get a sense of what the final images can look like. Please do not send damaged art or anything that has been crumpled or folded over too many times. If a piece you've sent will not render well, I will let you know in advance.

How do I get you the art work? Do we get it back?

The art work is shipped at the your cost. I cannot take responsibility for lost or mishandled packages so please take care in packaging your items (i.e a stiff board in a bubble or padded envelope, or a box). It's recommended that you purchase tracking on your package to ensure its safe arrival. You can opt to have the art returned on the order form, and a surcharge of $10.00 (QC/ON) and $15 (Rest of Canada) will be added into the price quote. If you live in the greater Montreal area or Vaudreuil-Soulanges, we may be able to make a pickup arrangement. Please contact me.

Where do you ship?

Currently I'm only serving Canadian customers. 


 { General FAQ }


Q: Can't I just frame my child's art?

A: Of course you can! Many parents frame artwork, and that's a great way to showcase their children's art. However, you are limited in how much art can be displayed and it still doesn't solve the problem of volume. The artwork can also still degrade from elements such as sunlight or humidity. If wall art is your preference, the bunny collage option could be for you!

Q: Can't I photograph my child's art and get an art book made myself?

Lucy Baum Montreal Family Photographer | Children A: Of course you can! But there are several benefits to get a book through the bunny project:

  • Your child's artwork is professionally photographed and the digital image is gently balanced to showcase the art in its best light. Parents may not have the time, patience or ability to do the photography themselves.
  • The bunny book is custom-designed based on the art provided. You don't have the hassle of figuring out a supplier's photo software to upload images and fiddle with layouts. Basically, all the work is done for you - all you have to do is to provide the art and make a few approvals!

Q: What kind of quality can I expect?

A: The bunny book is printed on high quality archival paper and bound with a protective cover that has a suede-like finish. Bunny rabbit books also have the option of a book jacket or image book cover.

Q: Do I have a say in the process? How much customization is available?

A: You have a choice of what to place in the window of the cover. Additionally, we will communicate during the process of making your custom bunny book. Prior to any printing, you will have access to view a digital version of the pages, and can have up to 2 rounds of feedback. You may include some limited text; if there is something specific you can mention it at the time and I can let you know if it can be accommodated. But, you do have to put some faith in the designer!

Q: What if I'm not happy with the final product?

A: As this is such a personal item and a lot of work and care goes into it, there is no refund available. Please note that you're involved in multiple stages of conception and creation, so nothing will go to print without your final approval. However, if there is some error on my part, I will do whatever I can to correct it.

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