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Lucy Baum Montreal Wedding and Family Photography | Photography Classes for women in Montreal, the West Island and surrounding areasLucy Baum Montreal Wedding and Family PhotographyPhotography Classes for women in Montreal, the West Island and surrounding areas


"Great class! Lucy did a great job explaining the concepts of 

photography as well as making it fun!" ~ Jennifer


Clic, c'est chic! photography courses in your community!

The Clic, c'est chic! concept is to teach photography to women who want to learn new or improve photography skills, all while having fun with other women, in a comfortable, enriching, and relaxing environment.

When I took my first photography class, it was in a dismal classroom in the basement of a local college. Although I loved what I was learning, the environment wasn't great - bad lighting, uncomfortable seating and a group of people who had such varying interests in photography that it was difficult to cover one topic in depth.

When I decided I wanted to teach, I envisioned a more zen environment, sipping my Starbucks, talking about photography, and generally having an uplifting and enriching time! I want the entire experience, from the registration process, to the snacks, and all the way through course content to be something that gives us as women a well deserved break to fill our own cups and feed our souls. I'm not only hoping to find students, but a network of like-minded individuals, and maybe even friends! Out in the community, but also building a community!

I'm excited to bring this concept to life, and I hope you will join me in exploring some wonderful photographic topics!


"Fun workshop! Very informative. I learned a lot and have some

new ideas to bring home. Thank you so much!" ~ Tetiana


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**New!** There will be a private Facebook started for those who attend my courses - it will be a forum to submit questions and photos, get photo tips, get inspired with creative ideas and learn about specials!


"Very dynamic, Lucy provides so many ideas in order to get candid shots. Loved the workshop and

can't wait to get home to try and put all of this in practice!" ~ Caroline



My workshops happen in and around the Montreal area.

You can also opt for an in-home party, where the workshop comes to you! Click here to find out more.


"Lucy's down to earth approach to teaching has made me motivated to 

try out the techniques we used in today's workshop. She is so fun and approachable. Thanks Lucy!"


Workshop Fees

Fees vary from $30- $50 per workshop, depending on the length of the course. There is a maximum of 8 registrants per class. Only payment confirms a place; a spot is not otherwise guaranteed. 

Payment must be cleared prior to the workshop date. You must be paid registrant in order to attend. No walk-ins will be allowed. Full refund if cancelled within 48 hours. 80% refund if cancelled less than 48 hours.

If you miss a community date or it's not convenient, you can also opt for an in-home party, where the workshop comes to you! Click here to find out more.


Course Descriptions


Camera I {start the creative flow}  The settings on your camera explained, and basic composition techniques that help to make photos beautiful!

Camera II {deepen the creative flow}  Building on the concepts in Camera I, this workshop covers more advanced composition techniques, as well as other creative concepts.

Photographing Children I – Covering basic composition techniques, engaging children in front of the camera, and looking for light.

Photographing Children II – Building on the concepts covered in Photographing Children I, this workshop covers engaging children, making versus taking images, creative concepts and conquering common problems.

Personal/ Creative

Developing your creative eye  Techniques for self-expression through photography, making images versus taking images, and techniques to promote creative ideas.

The Photographic soul  The Photographic soul: Gaining a deeper understanding of self and spirituality, and healing using photography.

Small/ Creative Business 

Photography for Business – Although in many cases it’s ideal to have professional photography for your small/ creative business products and services, it’s not always affordable to hire someone for ongoing photos (i.e. new products). This course covers the basics for creating strong images on your own.

Marketing and Photography – This workshop covers the use of imagery as part of your marketing strategy. We will discuss using imagery for social media, promotional materials and other marketing opportunities. We will also cover business photography by professionals and licensing images for business use. 


Anatomy of a Workshop

~ Arrival and introductions – 5 min

~ Workshop teaching – 1.5 hrs

~ Discussion, Q&A – 15 min

~ Wrap up  10 min

Although basic coffee and tea is offered on location, feel free to bring your favourite beverage! I will provide a sweet treat!

Course materials are provided with paper/ pens. You don't need to bring a thing, although you may want to bring your camera!

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