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Best of 2017

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2017 was quite the year. I met plenty of wonderful people, many of whom found themselves in front of my camera. I also made some great friends, hanging out for a week in sunny Montego Bay Jamaica, for a destination wedding (at which I was a guest, and brought only my iphone!). On a more challenging side, my neighbourhood was affected by the spring floods, bringing in military and a community effort to help those underwater - it was an incredible team effort. I also broke my ankle in August, in an apparently strange and complicated spot. I was always injury-prone as a kid, and always odd injuries, so why should adulthood be different? I shot 3 weddings and 2 family sessions, either in a brace or a boot, so I still hustled to the end. 2018 starts with self-care, before looking forward to making more great memories. 

Please enjoy some of my favourite and memorable images from the year. This includes family sessions, weddings, and some of my personal work, both locally and away. Enjoy! 

Lucy Baum Montreal Wedding and Family Photographer | Best of 2017Lucy Baum Montreal Wedding and Family PhotographerBest of 2017



Great work. And I must mention that that Star Wars mobile is so cool.
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