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I've been on an energetic high for the past few months. At first I could feel myself sleeping on a mountain of ideas, that hadn't quite surfaced. My direction and intent weren't clear, and there were so many details yet to be identified. I was restless, even uncomfortable at times, sometimes lying in bed night after night unable to calm the running commentary in my mind. Still, I was excited because an idea was finally coming to life. 

Welcome to the creative process. It's energizing, but it's not always pretty. In fact, it's often messy. And that's exactly what makes it brilliant, too.

I've recently been in contact with other female entrepreneurs. Many women tend to really feel when our energy isn't cooperating. Call us more sensitive, intuitive. Regardless, it can truly make us feel deflated, like we're never going to get where we need to go, even though you want to be there now. Can you relate?

My new project is Clic, c'est chic, a unique concept in photography workshops for women. The idea has been incubating now for almost 2 years, but it was only this year that I finally had a breakthrough. Things took off from there.

Intention is a funny thing. At the start of this year, I read a blog post by Christine Kane, an entrepreneur who mentors other entrepreneurs. She had a different approach to New Year's Resolutions - instead of committing to a bunch of stuff you won't accomplish, choose one word that will guide you for the year. What was mine? CREATE.

On some level, doing that exercise broke the proverbial dam and started the waterfall. The project jumped to life with an urgency and excitement I hadn't felt before.

Several things have helped me over these months to keep myself from going off the deep end, while honouring and pursuing a path I knew was right:

  • Gratitude journal: understanding everything I was grateful for helped keep me grounded.
  • A clear to-do list: I made sure all my steps were documented. I keep my gratitude journal by my bedside, and that has the double purpose of having pen and paper handy when things come to me in the middle of the night. I've learned the hard way to always write it down no matter the hour because a few times when I didn't, the ideas were gone in the morning.
  • Talking with others: Sharing ideas and blowing off that creative steam with peers can't be underestimated. Family often has good intentions but they may not fully understand where you're coming from.

If you're struggling with an idea that's not quite there yet, go easy on yourself. It's a tough path, albeit a rewarding one. Don't give up because you may feel uncomfortable. Be willing to risk discomfort for the reward that inevitably comes when you press on - achievement. But also don't let that chaotic energy overpower you. Pull it back into your core, where it will help you to re-focus. This lesson was re-iterated to me last night, just when I needed to hear it, so I decided to pay it forward through this blog post. And I slept soundly for the first time in weeks!

If you're curious, find your own word (I don't think it matters that this exercise is done at the start of the year) and do Christine's worksheet. If you've been blocked, this may be just the thing to unlock your own creative process!






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