The one thing your future self will tell your past self about photography

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Life is what happens when you are busy making other plans.

~ John Lennon

When I was little, time moved very slowly. Nowadays, the years breeze by at an alarming pace. Every day comes and goes, and we move along with the flow - work, errands, family, friends, recreation, technology, activities. And while it's all happening, we sometimes forget to revel in the moment, as our eyes seem always focussed on the next thing in the agenda. 

If your kids are young and the pace of your life is hectic, then most likely the best record of your lives and moments may be snapshots with your smart phone or point and shoot. Now of course there is always a place for these fun and spontaneous shots, but if your future self would meet your present self, they may caution that there is no replacement for regular, dedicated family photography sessions over the years.

A photo session is much more than just the end result of images on your computer. A photo session is a time to dedicate to the ones you love the most. You step away from the obligations of life, from the computers, and pay attention to each other. It's about reinforcing family bonds in a way that's informal and relaxed. It's about expressing love and giving the gift of time. And, it's about cuddles and smiles!

The end result of images is the cherry on top. While you're in the session, you're not thinking about anything but that - it's a wonderful focussing activity! But after, when you see the connections that were going on, it often brings lots of smiles and even tears. Yep, you recognize that funny face! And you never noticed the cute crinkles by his eyes when your husband smiles. Or the big, toothless grin on your little guy, that dissolves you into giggles when you see it.

It may seem difficult to fit in custom family photography into an already hectic schedule, or the expense may seem frivolous or overly expensive. But I think your future self would tell your current self to invest now, before the kids are grown and no longer flying superhero loops around your legs. Your future self, still dissolving into giggles about that toothless grin many years into the future, will thank you.


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Great points that we should all keep in mind!
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