inspire. create. be great. 

I believe these words so much that I actually tattooed them on my arm - to always remind myself of the philosophy I'd like to live by.

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Hi, I'm Lucy, a Montreal Wedding and Family Photographer. I specialize in People Photography, be it little ones, families, or wedding days.

Some stuff about me, and how it influences the work I can do for you:

I studied Psychology, so the "Freud" in me is always observing. If I had lots of time on my hands, I swear I'd spend it hanging out in public places and people-watching. In a non-creepy way! I'm fascinated to know who they are, where they're going, what their lives are like. This carries into my photography because I search for true personalities in my work - no contrived, overly-posed stuff here. And while I appreciate highly stylized work like cake-smashes and newborns with fairy wings, I'm not the photographer for that. I focus on lifestyle with a toe-dip in photojournalistic.

I'm quirky and I know it. I often don't sit, but perch. Maybe I was a bird in a former life. I have a hard time not folding my legs up somehow when I'm sitting. I have a thing for vintage chairs. I regularly dance with my 8 year-old while making supper, rockin' to Def Leppard or chillin' to Fleetwood Mac. I appreciate all music, but can't shake my hard/ glam/ classic rock roots (and don't want to!). I eat ridged chips one ridge at a time and still do it even if my friends make fun of me or my husband gives me an eye-roll. Quirkiness helps my photography because kids seem to love it and give me their real (and sometimes also quirky) selves, and it also helps people let their guard down and have fun. I also find that it fuels my creativity to see new and interesting ways to photograph the unique souls who find themselves on the other side of my camera.

I have a dark side. I used to hide it because I'm photographing happy and bright things like weddings and children. But it's part of who I am, and embracing it also fuels my creativity. It lends a subtle but interesting edge to happy and bright things that I believe make those photographs richer. Having a young daughter, I also realize that children openly embrace the dark side - think Disney and Grimm fairytales. And so do grownups - we seem to love the thrill of a good jump! So I don't hide it anymore. I thrive off scary movies, I have an almost complete Stephen King collection from my youth, I love dark poetry like that of Lord Byron and William Blake. One of my absolute faves by Lord Byron is "She walks in Beauty". This translates into my photography in my use of light to create mood, evoke emotion, and in my style of editing which has depth and contrast.

Oh, and I talk a lot - in person and in writing :)

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